INNOVV Products: Not Just for Motorcycles

INNOVV is known for its innovative products that improve the safety and convenience of motorcycle riders. But did you know that INNOVV’s products have many other uses and benefits? In this blog post, we will show you how INNOVV products can be used in different applications and industries, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness. Automotive Applications: INNOVV’s products are not only for motorcycles, but also for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. INNOVV’s systems use advanced technology and deliver reliable performance, making them ideal for increasing safety on the roads, no matter what vehicle you drive. Whether you need blind-spot detection or rearview camera systems, INNOVV has solutions that can help every driver. Outdoor Adventures: INNOVV’s products are also suitable for non-traditional road vehicles. If you enjoy off-road activities such as biking, AVT, UTV, you can also take advantage of INNOVV’s innovative solutions. For example, their small and sturdy cameras can record exciting moments from different perspectives,

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INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Camera

INNOVV K5 Motorcycle 4K Dual Camera System – Installation & Review (Video)

Whats up guys? In this video, I will be installing and reviewing the INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dash Camera. This camera is a great option for those looking for a dual camera system that is easy to use and has features like a 4K front camera, 1080P rear camera, improved wifi, faster gps (5ghz), onboard remote, and external microphone, G-Sensor, Low-Light Performance, and Intelligent Video Stabilization.

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Why INNOVV Designed the Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

INNOVV introduced the C3, the first remote lens motorcycle dashcam, in 2014 and since then we have continued designing, developing, and marketing an evolving line of dash or action cams for motorcycles, all of which have application for virtually any powersport activity. We have built a good reputation within the motorcycling community – professional organizations, groups, and individuals, across the world; and INNOVV is proud of this reputation. Key to such success is the fact that we listen to motorcyclists and respect their rich knowledge and solid experience. INNOVV was founded on innovation and over the last eight years motorcyclists have encouraged us to develop a professional motorcycle helmet camera to overcome shortfalls found with other mainstream action-cam products. We have listened to and learned from these user experiences with these other products – including the industry-leading GoPro cameras. Many of these products, no matter how mainstream, have shortfalls specific to motorcycle use and many

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Looking for a Safer Ride? Could INNOVV Motorcycle BSD Radar Detection System be the Solution?

– Here are their answers. Let’s take a look at some experiences shared by UK customers. “I must admit that the radar unit has picked up the odd vehicle that I missed in my mirrors, which is a bit scary.” “This is a really great bit of safety kit. It is reasonably easy to install (excepting on KTM 890 Adventure Rs) and works really well. I opted for the mirrors fitment because I believe that its the best choice as once a warning light goes on my eye is drawn to the relevant mirror.” “A great product idea. Good product description, and when it arrived it was a quality product. Very easy to install and works really well. Definitely recommend this product.” “Quality product providing an added layer of safety when human error slips in” We highly appreciate our users’ suggestions and have actively accepted their feedback. We are dedicated to communicating with and improving

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