INNOVV Dashcam System

Can I Use a Car Dashcam As a Motorcycle Dashcam?

As a motorcycle rider, you may wonder why motorcycle dashcams are so much more expensive than car dashcams, even though they both serve the same purpose. You may be tempted to install a car dashcam on your bike to save money, but this is not a good idea. There are some important differences between motorcycle dashcams and car dashcams that you should know before you make a decision.

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What Makes The BMW R 1300GS Safer Than Other Motorcycles?

What makes the BMW R1300GS stand out from the crowd of motorcycles? It’s not just its popularity, but also its innovation and safety. The R1300GS is the latest model in the BMW GS series, and it has improved features that make it better and safer than its predecessor. Some of these features are:

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How Motorcycle Dash Cam Benefit Your Insurance?

Whether you ride motorcycle to commute to work or hit the roads for sheer fun, it’s essential to have a reliable motorcycle dash cam to protect yourself in case of an incident. We all know that mishaps can occur no matter how safe we are. Unfortunately, proving your innocence can be difficult, especially when the other party tries to blame you. This is where installing cameras on your motorcycle can come in handy. How dash cams can impact your motorcycle insurance? Having a record of your incident A dash cam can provide irrefutable evidence of what happened in the unfortunate event of an accident or crash. The recorded cam footage can help establish fault and provide a detailed account of the incident, which can be vital when filing an insurance claim. Fighting insurance fraud Did you know insurance fraud costs American consumers at least $308.6 billion yearly?From staged accidents to false claims, insurance fraud is a considerable concern. However, with a

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