INNOVV ThirdEYE Radar Blind Spot Detection – Installation Guide BMW GS & GSA – How To Install a BSD(Video)

INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD Radar assisted blind spot detection system – Installation guide for the BMW R1250GS/A and R1200GS/A – the Watch version and Mirror version.

In this episode I guide you through the installation of the INNOVV ThirdEYE (Watch and Mirror Version) Radar BSD system and show you some of the possible cable routing options and system mounting points.

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Should I Put A Camera on My Motorcycle?

There are several benefits of having a camera on your motorcycle, both for safety and insurance purposes. Some of the advantages are:

1.A camera can record any incidents or accidents that happen on the road, which can be used as evidence in case of a dispute or a claim.
2.A camera can also capture your rides and scenic trips, which can be fun to watch and share later.
3.A camera can help you improve your riding skills by reviewing your performance and technique.
4.A camera can also act as a dashcam, which can deter theft or vandalism of your motorcycle.

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