Why Do I Deed a Motorcycle Dashcam?

As a motorcyclist, you agree that the likelihood of accidents is greater than when driving a car and that the risk of injury is also greater.

There are many factors that can cause motorcycle accidents.

Situation 1: Failure to turn on the turn signal, changing lanes arbitrarily, intentionally getting out of the car intentionally, looking at the cell phone while driving, speeding up when the light turns yellow at intersections and other behaviors that do not obey the traffic rules. Therefore, when considering liability after the accident, you may regret not installing a recorder sooner.

Situation 2: In the event of a hit-and-run accident, the hit-and-run vehicle cannot find any relevant information after the escape.

Additionally, motorcycles are less visible at intersections than other vehicles. When people think of motorcycle accidents, they actually think that the motorcyclist is responsible. You may think that motorcyclists are fast and reckless drivers. However, around half of motorcycle crashes happen with more than one vehicle involved. In these cases, the main cause is that another car suddenly turned in front of the motorcyclist.

Installing a motorcycle dashcam can avoid the problems mentioned above. The dashcam can perform the following functions:

Being your silent witness

Protecting you from false accident reports

Proving who is responsible for the event and liability

Protecting your no claims bonus

Every insurance claim is expedited

Even when you are not here , you need to protect your bike.


Capturing the scenery during your rides and share it on social media

Recording route, route, map, duration and mileage.

It’s crucial to put in a dependable motorcycle dashcam that can work well for many years. Choose a camera recording system that is easy to set up and use, with weatherproof and shockproof cameras, without having to worry about battery capacity limitations or manually pressing the power or record button. The INNOVV motorcycle dashcam is worth buying.


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