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    Posted by Hans on 2024-03-18 at 02:06

    My experiences with the K6 are based on the test I conducted with the K6 mounted behind the windshield of my car. This is because my motorcycle was still in winter storage and therefore not available.

    The tests were performed with the highest settings available:
    – WiFi active duration: on
    – Resolution: 2560x1440P30_1920x1080P30
    – Bit rate: High

    Other (Technical) information:
    Manual: K6 Manual 20231016Update
    App version:
    FW version: IK6.20231107.V1.0.01
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy A33 / Android 14 / One UI 6.0

    Innovv App:
    As an Innovv user, the app seems familiar. For a user who is not familiar with Innovv, the app is clear and well-arranged.
    Unfortunately, in this version of the app it is still not possible to turn off or empty the watermark. The watermark must therefore be filled with characters. This is a disadvantage for video editing because text always remains on the screen.

    The paper manual is large enough to have a clear overview. More attention has also been paid to the various notifications that can appear on the phone. This is a good addition because it can prevent confusion among Innovv users.

    The ‘power supply information’ does not state that the USB port is type A.

    If you look closely at the images of the app, you will notice that it no longer corresponds to the current app version. This should not be a problem because the current app version is clear enough to use it.
    Although the K6 contains a G-sensor, the ‘Indicator Instructions’ do not state which LED indication is given when recording accident videos.

    The manual should also mention that the front camera can become warm and that this is normal when using the K6.

    All parts are made of solid material that is suitable for use in tougher conditions.

    The colors of the plugs are all the same, but due to the male/female design, interchangeability is not possible. So no connection errors can be made. The advantage of using the same plugs is that both the cable from the rear camera and the power supply can easily be extended.

    The K6 is not equipped with a GPS module or a separate microphone, like the K3 and K5. This makes the K6 easy to mount on the motorcycle or bicycle. The K6 is therefore a solution for those who want simple installation and do not need GPS registration.

    The K6 is sold in 2 versions. A motorcycle and a bicycle version.
    With the motorcycle version it is possible to easily remove the front camera. This is not possible with the bicycle version. Especially with the bicycle version, it should be possible to easily remove the front and rear camera. This is because theft of accessories (cycle computers, GPS equipment, etc.) is more common with bicycles than with motorcycles. This should be easily possible with a quick-release lock. The connectors of the cabling that remain on the bicycle should be fitted with rubber caps to prevent contamination of the connectors.

    During testing, I was unable to record an accident video with tapping, jerking or shaking. This despite the fact that the G-sensor was set to most sensitive. There was no visible detection of saving accident videos. According to the app, nothing is stored in the accident videos folder. Hopefully this will be improved in the future.

    The screws of the card slot cover are not secured in the cover. They can be easily lost. If these screws had the same security as those of the K5, this would be a good improvement.

    Extending the cable of the rear camera to the maximum length of 4 meters (1.5 + 2.5 meters) has no visible influence on the video image. With a length of 4 meters for the rear camera, the K6 is also very suitable for installation in a car.

    Taking photos is only possible via the app. Using the app while driving is not always possible. So a quick photo opportunity while driving is unfortunately not easy.

    The microphone is too sensitive to wind noise. I did some experimenting with adding self-adhesive foam for the microphone input and this had a positive result. Hopefully this will also be a improvement for the R&D in the future.

    The ability to set the frame rate to 28 FPS is probably an addition for European users. The 28FPS is closer to the European ‘standard’ of 25FPS.

    Video quality:
    The video quality of the front and rear camera is more than sufficient for general use. The image quality may be a bit on the low side for making high quality video reports. But I am spoiled with the quality of the K5. For an average user this will probably not be an issue.

    In conditions with less ambient light, the rear camera clearly has a more difficult time. The fact that the rear camera has a lower video quality than the front camera is also due to the fact that Innovv has chosen to use AHD to transfer the rear camera signal. AHD produces the low video quality. But on the marketing, the most motorcycle cameras are using AHD (analog high definition). The K3 uses LVDS (Low-voltage differential signaling), which provides better image quality, but this technology is also more expensive to produce.

    The rear camera provides a darker image than the front camera. The colors of the rear camera are also more saturated. This applies specially to night shots. The Rear night image clearly shows that the license plate is displayed worse than when recording from the front camera. When recording with more ambient light, the images from the rear camera are certainly of better quality. Finally, most videos will be taken in daylight. And night shots are difficult to capture in good quality for any brand/model dashcam.

    Dashcam Viewer cannot display front and rear video at the same time. This is in the hands of the developers of Dashcam Viewer and cannot be attributed to Innovv.

    Final verdict:
    The K6 is a welcome addition to the Innovv range. Especially for the user who wants a simple dashcam for the bicycle or motorcycle. Installation and use (think of using a power bank on a bicycle) has now become even easier. What unfortunately does not get a full pass for me is the video quality of the rear camera. But as mentioned before, I am spoiled with the quality of the K5. But if I look at the price-quality ratio, I can say that the K6 comes out well. I am therefore partly positive about the K6 and would like to give the rear camera the benefit of the doubt.

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