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  • Hans

    2024-02-17 at 23:52

    Hi Collin,

    Maybe these links are of some use to you. These are links from the old Innovv forum where various installations on BMWs are listed. The R1300GS is not listed, but perhaps the other models can inspire you. Unfortunately, there are no good wiring photos.
    Probably the biggest challenge is mounting the DVR unit out of sight.

    – Connect the power converter to the battery.

    – Connect the yellow wire to a switched power supply, for example a 12V accessory connection or the power supply for your lighting.

    – Do not use Scotch Lock Wire connectors. These will eventually cut your cables due to the vibration of the motor. Solder the connection or use good AMP crimp connectors.

    – Do not route wiring along the horn. When you use the horn, it generates a strong magnetic field which can produce an interference pulse that causes the K3 to malfunction.

    – The GPS receiver must be placed with the text facing upwards.

    – Check whether you have tightened all connectors properly and that there are rubber rings in the connectors to keep moisture out.

    – The DVR unit may become warm, this is normal.

    – Do not install the camera cables too tightly.

    – Install the latest K3 firmware version, available for download from the Innovv site.

    – Format the SD card using the Innovv app, this works better than formatting with a computer.

    – Don’t forget to enjoy your K3😃.

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  • Colin

    2024-02-18 at 00:17

    Thanks Hans,

    I’m a little surprised that detailed wiring instructions were not provided for the 1200GS or 1250GS (my current bike) – and I’m frustrated that they don’t exist for the new R1300GS. Surely this is part of the service that a company like INNOVV should provide, particularly when the wiring system (Canbus etc) are getting ever more complex.

  • Hans

    2024-02-18 at 01:04

    Hi Colin,
    All published installation information is not from Innovv itself. It is only information provided by users of the Innovv systems and placed on their site by Innovv to help other users.
    Innovv cannot write detailed installation instructions for every type/model of motorcycle. You can’t expect this from Innovv given the amount of different motorcycles driving around.
    In addition, the installation of an Innovv camera has no influence on the Canbus system.
    You can also contact your motorcycle dealer for assistance with installing your camera. They should know the models they sell.

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