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  • K5 MP4 H.265 – Recording Files Not All Able To Be Watched

    Posted by Doug K on 2024-01-04 at 02:10

    I just did a week long ride with my new K5 camera installed on my bike. While the majority of my videos are able to be watched, and look great, I have quite a few videos that cannot be opened….seem to be corrupted or something. If this normal? I am saving 10-minute video capture size, and most of the ones I cannot open seem to be the large files.

    Hans replied 5 months, 1 week ago 5 Members · 8 Replies
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  • Hans

    2024-01-04 at 03:42

    Hi Doug,

    Can you provide more information?

    What brand/model phone are you trying to watch the videos with.

    The videos that are corrupt are those that were recorded last when the K5 is turned off?

    Can you view the corrupt files on a computer if you insert the SD card into the computer?

    What happens if you set the recording time not to 10 minutes but to a shorter time?

    Can you attach some corrupt files? I’m curious if I can play this.

  • Doug K

    2024-01-04 at 23:55

    Hello Hans!

    I have not tried to see the files from my phone/app and the actual camera. I did remove the memory card and place it into my camera. While many of the videos are fine, a decent amount cannot be opened. I even tried a de-corruption software of video files and it didn’t help.

    I have not tried to record in smaller minute size, and I should probably check to see if a new firmware is available for it (I was troubleshooting this while the Innovv website was offline over the holidays).

    I’ll add a couple files to see if you can open them.

  • Doug K

    2024-01-04 at 23:56

    I did remove the memory card and place it into my Win11 computer, not camera.

  • Jade

    2024-01-05 at 09:59

    Hi, Doug

    Sincerely feel sorry for the inconvenience.

    What is the format of this video? TS or MP4?

    Could you share some videos to innovv service email [email protected]?

    We will follow up asps and help to figure out the problem.

    Best wishes,


  • Doug

    2024-01-07 at 06:38

    I verified the firmware needed an update, so I just pushed that to the device. I’m going to test this new firmware to see if that was the issue. Thanks for everyone’s response. I’ll see if this resolves it.

  • Hans

    2024-01-08 at 01:52

    Are the video files in .MP4 or .TS format?

    A .TS file can still be played if it has not been closed properly. This is not possible with an .MP4 file. Maybe if you record in .TS you can find out when the file becomes corrupt. For example, it may be that the power supply is not connected properly and is briefly interrupted when there is a bump in the road. With .MP4 you get a corrupt file.

  • Mohammad

    2024-01-10 at 08:47

    hello, yes same to me i recorded maybe 3 hours after that i trying to find specific minuets i can not found it.

    as an example, I found 3:30 , 3:31 (3:32 not available) and 3:33 are available

    please help !!!

    • Hans

      2024-01-11 at 01:52

      Hi Mohammad,

      Aren’t the recordings not in the protected folder?
      If this is the case, the G-sensor is set too sensitive.

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