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  • The Story of INNOVV K6 DashCam System

    Posted by INNOVV on 2023-11-21 at 16:18

    In the spring of 2022, we received feedback from K5 customers, “K5 is super, it is perfect for my BMW 1250 GS, How about my smaller bikes? I do not care about GPS, but care about its size, just make one as simple as possible, Come on, you can do it” we were asked for a new development. I took this feedback and made it the goal of our next product development.

    During the development process, we hit a rough patch: “Making products to as small as possible, there is challenges, the small cases need to be waterproof, that means chipset can be overheating, the small PCBAs that impacts the reliability of the performance, and the interference between the internal Mic and WiFi, and others.”

    Despite these problems, one way or another, we must start. The first step is choosing the right chipset, and NT96565MBG Imaging Processor is selected as it can produce 2K resolution and has very low power consumption, that means less heating.

    Once chipset was selected, I began considering the ID design. No doubt, aluminum is the best material for heating release, so what kind of shape the aluminum can be made, and how it is easy to fit into the motorcycle? After several different trails, the tube shape is confirmed, because of two PCBAs inside can the best maximized the size for layout all-electronic components, and that structure makes the assembly is a bit easier.

    We also encountered challenges in dealing with WiFi signals. The aluminum material used in the design of the cap was blocking the WiFi signal. To address this issue, a plastic cap was introduced to connect the aluminum tube, WiFi antenna, and internal microphone. However, this resulted in interference between the WiFi signal and microphone waves in the confined space, leading to noise in the sounds and weak WiFi signal.

    We acknowledge that these issues were a result of the design constraints, as we aimed to maintain the look and size of the product.

    However, we remained dedicated to finding a solution, as we had faith in the abilities of our skilled engineering team. After numerous optimizations and trials, we successfully resolved the noise issue by incorporating a small, specially made piece of waterproof EVA into the microphone hole. This allowed for clear engine sounds to be heard.

    After a year of research and development, we released the K6, which received positive market feedback upon its launch. The K6 also garnered the love and feedback from riders.

    We had confidence in our abilities, so I went ahead and pursued it. In the end, the positive feedback and proofs from riders confirmed that I had indeed succeeded!

    This is an email sent to us by a motorcycle rider who are interesting in INNOVV K6:

    “I am in the HOG national chapter and also the local chapter sponsored by one of the local HD dealers. We as riders are all very concerned with safety and being able to document incidents. Most of us are not interested in having a monitor to watch our rides, take selfies while riding, keep track of our tire pressure or all the other stuff that the biker dash cams claim to do. We want to record up to 8 hours of riding, maybe download a still shot or two and then it can be overwritten with the next days riding.

    Unlike a car, truck, RV or a boat – installing to include mounting can be quite tricky. There are very few good places to mount the cameras, running the wires can be difficult and the whole process can take a really long time to complete. Additionally, often times we must fabricate our own mounts from aluminum or stainless steel in order to get the cameras and control boxes mounted. Frequently this is another thing to cram under the seat!

    Your K6 appears to be of simple construction, solidly made and it’s design might allow to just mount it, run wires and then use a phone charger type power bank to power it.

    I think your design might be just what the Harley bikers are needing but no one knows about it. I believe I can help with that.

    I can record a video of the installation from start to finish with several ideas of where to mount cameras, run wires and locations for the powerbank. I may also be able to show a hard wire location where the power would come from the bike itself using a USB port.

    I will also test out the power banks and pass that information along to you so you can have a link on your website and maybe get a small commision for any generated sales. There might be other items like USB ports that could be added by the buyer to enable them to customize their installation.”

    The INNOVV K6 story doesn’t end there. We have also received feedback from some riders who wished that the K6 could be equipped with different line lengths to accommodate for use on bicycles or motorcycles. As a result, in mid-October 2023, we officially upgraded the INNOVV K6, dividing it into two versions, each equipped with different line lengths to suit different models.

    The story of the INNOVV K6 may conclude, but the story of INNOVV continues, as does our story with you.


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