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  • K6 Rear Camera Does not Retain Image Orientation Settings

    Posted by Pat on 2024-02-13 at 02:56

    Hello All,

    Installed a brand new K6 bicycle kit just the other day. Started reviewing the videos from today’s ride and noticed that all registration plates are mirrored in the rear camera footage. Checked the settings, changed from Normal to Mirrored but the issue I have is that the setting will not save and reverts to its default ‘Normal’ setting. I have no trouble changing & saving the same setting for the Front camera. The symptoms are true for changing the settings with or without an SD card – it does seem to make any difference – front camera settings are retained, whilst the rear camera settings are not. Am I missing something?



    Hans replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago 5 Members · 17 Replies
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  • Hans

    2024-02-13 at 03:34

    Hi Pat,
    What happens if you reinstall the (latest) firmware, basically doing a reset?

  • Pat

    2024-02-13 at 03:58

    Thank you for a prompt reply. This was going to be the next step but it looks like I have the latest firmware installed already i.e. IK6.20230726.V1.0.01. I did a reset of the device but I am getting the same symptoms.

    By the way the firmware you list on your site for K6 – IK6.20230726.V1.0.01 – is no longer available in the Dropbox folder you shared. It says it has been deleted.

    Thanks again.

    • Hans

      2024-02-13 at 13:17

      Hi Pat,

      In live view mode, is the video image also mirrored?
      Sometimes re-flashing the firmware may be the solution.
      Could it be that you tried an old link to Dropbox? The management of the firmware versions is in the hands of Innovv, I am only an active fellow forum member.

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  • Pat

    2024-02-13 at 16:05


    Thanks Hans, sorry assumed you were somehow directly involved with Innovv.

    The image is not mirrored in live view either for the rear camera; it is for the front one each time the settings are changed, though.

    I will try to get in touch with Innovv re the missing file and try to reflash but if anything, I hope it is merely a bug they missed.

    Saying that, though, could other k6 bicycle kit users confirm whether they are able to change & retain the change in the settings for the rear camera?

  • Pat

    2024-02-13 at 16:14

    Sorry, can’t edit the original response let me try again to clarify better

    Any changes to the image orientation settings are immediately visible for the front camera (as changes are retained in the settings). This is not the case for the rear.

    The image in ‘Normal’ mode appears to be mirrored for the rear camera (car reg numbers are inverted) by default, hence the attempt to amend the settings.

    The front camera in Normal mode displays car registrations as normal.

  • Pat

    2024-02-13 at 17:09

    A quick update, I managed to find the above-mentioned version of the latest firmware on Innovv’s website (shared on Google Drive). Reflashed successfully using a 16Gb card and the problem is still there. I submitted a ticket using the online form [email protected] bounces back.

    Will give an update if/when resolved.

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  • Hans

    2024-02-15 at 01:27

    You can also email [email protected].
    I’m curious what the solution to the problem could be, and I can also learn from it.
    By the way, I am not experiencing the problem you mentioned.
    Could it be that you are working with an old version of the app? The app version I am using is This is the Android version.

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    • Pat

      2024-02-15 at 16:57

      Impressive after sales service despite the New Year break and festivities!

      I received a really prompt reply to my query with a newer version of the firmware IK.6.20231107.v1.0.01 which has solved the issue – the normal setting is now positioned correctly.

      The image orientation settings (mirrored) are retained as well; although, now that default position is correct, I no longer need to change that.

      Thanks for the replies Hans & I hope someone finds this thread useful should they have a similar issue.

  • Hans

    2024-02-16 at 01:14

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear that the problem has been resolved.
    For other users of the K6, the latest firmware version IK6.20231107.V1.0.01 can also be downloaded from the Innovv site. The .bin file is now called IN-K6-1.bin.

  • Martin

    2024-04-21 at 20:50

    Hi Pat – just installed a K6 bicycle system and I’ve found exactly the same issue (rear camera mirrored and resetting not taking).

    I’ve updated the firmware, but the problem persists, unfortunately.I’ve sent an email to Innovv, so if they come back with a solution that works, I’ll update this thread.

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  • Martin

    2024-04-25 at 19:50

    The maximum capacity micro SD card for the bicycle system is 32Gb.

    The firmware on the website is for the motorbike system.

    The bicycle firmware is INNOVVK6.bin.

    I couldn’t attach it, unfortunately, but it was sent to me by [email protected].

    He told me to use a card 8-32Gb capacity.

    I could only find a 4Gb one, but I formatted it with the app, copied the firmware to the root and everything now works fine.

    So a 32Gb card is on order.

    • Hans

      2024-04-26 at 00:04

      Hi Martin,

      The maximum capacity of the SD card is 256GB, see also the manual. I use a Samsung Evo 256GB SD card myself. This works without any problems. Updating with a 256GB SD card also works without any problems for me. With a 32GB SD card it will quickly be filled with recordings.

      I think there is only one kind of firmware version. The difference between the motorcycle version and the bicycle version are the mounting materials and the power supply. On the motorcycle you can use the power module, on the bicycle you use a power bank with a USB connection. See also the manual.

      The latest version of the firmware can be downloaded from the Innovv website. Look at the menu ‘support’ – ‘app/firmware/manual’ – ‘K6 Dashcam’ – ‘Firmware’.

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  • Martin

    2024-04-26 at 16:32

    This is the communication I had with Innovv:

    Steven: “Installing the latest firmware will fix the problem you met.

    Please download the firmware in attachment, the firmware on the website is for motorcycle version.

    Please use a 8GB or 32 GB TF card, please put the card into the K6 DVR and then format it in the app.

    Please do not use the firmware from website, use the one I sent you in attachment.

    Copy the INNOVVK6.bin in the TF card, please note do not put it in any folder. It should be to the root of TF card directly.

    Then insert the TF card back to K6, power on, it will green/red light flash until it reboot. Then please check your firmware version number in the app, it should be IK6.20230726.V1.0.01 if you update the firmware successly.”

    Me: “Hi Steven – I updated the firmware with the one you included (please see attached screenshot), but the problem persists.

    The micro SD card capacity is 128Gb, not 8Gb or 32Gb; could that be a problem?

    Or is the app also for motorcycles only?”

    Steven: “Yes, please use a 8-32 gb tf card to install the firmware.

    The app is correct.”

    Me: “Hi Steven – good news!

    I could find only a 4Gb micro SD card, but I followed your instructions and the cameras now work as advertised!

    It would appear that 32Gb is the maximum capacity for the bicycle system.

    I’ll get a 32Gb card now, and if there are any problems, I’ll contact you again.

    Many thanks for your help!”

    • Hans

      2024-04-26 at 21:51

      Hi Martin,

      Strange that Steven contradicts himself. Steven says that you need to install the latest version of the firmware even though the latest version of the firmware on the website is already a higher version. Steven has sent you the previous firmware version.

      The K2 dashcam once had a problem with updating the firmware version if an SD card that was too large was used. But that problem was solved a long time ago. So why Steve recommends an 8-32GB SD card is a question mark for me.

      The app is for all dashcams, so the K2, K3, K5 and K6. The helmet camera has its own app.

      @StevenHu , can you provide more clarity on the above?
      Why should the firmware version from the website not be used? And what about the story with an 8-32GB card? Is this only for updating or also while using the K6?


    2024-04-28 at 09:44

    Hello guys, the K6 firmware updating only supports 4-32 GB TF cards.

    For recording, it Max supports a 256 GB TF card.

    • manojavk

      2024-05-28 at 00:30

      So is there a difference in firmware version for Bicycle vs Motorcycle?

      • Hans

        2024-05-28 at 00:56

        No, there is no firmware difference between the bicycle and motorcycle.
        The difference between these two are the mounting materials and the difference in power supply and cable set.

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