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    Posted by Joe on 2024-02-16 at 03:51

    Hi everyone, since the forums seems to have been wiped since the update, I figure I would re-post this! makes specialized Saphire Lens Protectors just for the INNOVV action/dash cams. I have been making and selling these since 2021! Hundreds of people have ordered and are using these every day. Replacing a camera unit due to a rock hit on the front element of the K3 camera can cost a lot of money, and if it happens on a trip your camera may be out of commission for the duration.

    The lens protectors have built in soft TPU seals to keep water, humidity, and dust from getting between the lens protector and the camera lens. Something no other option provides.

    This solution gives you an incredibly hard and optically superior protection from dirt and rocks from scratching the lens. Now you can wipe off dirt and dust on-the-go without worrying about scratching the delicate camera lens!

    You can order at: ships internationally daily.

    Fitment: sells protectors that go on the K5 front camera, as well as the K3 / K2 series of cameras (which are the same as the K5 Rear camera, K6 Rear Camera, C5, K2 cameras)
    Lens options are Saphire for incredible durability and clarity, or mineral glass for more basic protection against the elements.

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