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    Posted by Morten on 2024-03-17 at 17:29

    I use to have tha first version of Innovv, and think I remember that the app had a map, and it was possible to find specific recordings via the map, but I don’t find that feature anymore on the K5 I just mounted, is it me who has a bad memory or ?


    Morten replied 3 weeks, 4 days ago 3 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • Hans

    2024-03-17 at 17:38

    The app still has the map function when playing videos. But I noticed that the map function only works with videos of the .TS format and not with videos of the .MP4 format.

    @INNOVV , can you provide more information about this?

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  • Steven

    2024-03-18 at 09:23

    Dear Morten and Hans,

    We have maps available in TS and MP4 formats. However, iPhones are unable to play videos in TS format. If you’re using an iPhone, please convert the video to MP4 format before attempting to play it again. Additionally, please note that the maps will only display on your phone when you play the videos that have been downloaded to your device. Therefore, make sure to download the videos to your phone first.

    • Morten

      2024-03-18 at 17:52

      thanks for your reply, but that makes no sense to me, the feature was to locate the recording you want via the map, and AFTER pick the file you want to download, not the other way around as you describe, that makes no sense to have the feature after download, no-one keeps the files on the phone anyway…

  • Hans

    2024-03-18 at 18:59

    Hi Morton,
    Okay, the question is now clear. As far as I know, this option has never been available. At least not from K2.

    By the way, I know plenty of people who keep the recordings on their phone.

    • Morten

      2024-03-18 at 20:17

      ok, my mind must have had a slip, I told everyone about that feature, locate your recordings via map, but it have never existed 😂

      but it would be a nice feature …

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