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  • New K5 not keeping settings

    Posted by Trikkytrev on 2024-01-10 at 12:25

    New K5. Downloaded the INNOVV app, and can change settings on the camera. However, the next time I turn the camera is on, all the settings are back to default. This may be tolerable in some scenarios, but since I have the camera inverted, when I start up, it’s upside down.<div>

    Samsung device, I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it. I’ve also reset the phone through the app.



    Hans replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago 4 Members · 8 Replies
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  • Jade

    2024-01-10 at 18:01

    Hi, Trikkytrev

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please update the firmware according to the guide in this web page:

    And if the problem still insist, please email to [email protected], our customer service team will follow up asps.

  • Hans

    2024-01-11 at 01:59

    Hi Trikkytrev,
    The settings are not saved in the app. The app only reads the setting from the K5.
    Could it be that the button on the remote is pressed for too long? If this is pressed for too long, the K5 will be reset to factory settings.
    Does the K5 immediately return to default, or after a longer period of time? Perhaps you can use the videos you made to determine when the K5 returns to default. For example, it could also be due to a nutritional problem. The more information you can find out, the better we can look for the cause,

  • Trikkytrev

    2024-01-11 at 16:34

    @Jade: already updated the firmware with the version that was online 3 days ago. The reseller is apparently going to be reaching out to you folks.

    @Hans: not pushing the button at all. 🙂 I turn it on, it starts recording, I change the settings so the front camera is not upside down (so I switch it to inverted), change the watermark to what I want it as, change the WiFi password from default, and change the GPS display to coordinates only.

    Do my recording for a couple of minutes, then turn off the bike, so the K5 shuts down in its own time.

    Then…the next time I turn on the bike again and the K5 powers up, everything is back to default.

    So yeah, something’s funky. Firmware is up to date. App has been re-installed. Phone powered off and back on again.

    Certainly no good to me if I have to reconfigure the settings every time I turn on the ignition. Fortunately I’ve still got a month or so before my first ride with it.

    • Jade

      2024-01-11 at 16:39

      Hi, Trikkytrev

      Thanks for your update.

      We will find a way out with the reseller through email.

  • Hans

    2024-01-12 at 01:52

    Hi Trikkytrev,

    During the recording, does the bike stand still or do you drive it? When you drive, does the K5 sometimes cut out briefly? If so, then probably a bad contact in the power supply. Can you measure your supply voltage when the engine is running? Does the blue LED on the power supply of the K5 light (when the bike is off and when the bike is on)? Does the battery voltage drop a lot when you start the bike?
    Does the K5 reset when you operate something on the bike? For example, the horn or lighting? Check the videos to see when the reset takes place.
    The app has no influence on the K5 if the app is not used. The app only reads the K5 and writes adjusted settings back to the K5.
    Could it be that you are not using the right app? The correct app is the one with the red logo.

  • Trikkytrev

    2024-01-12 at 05:07

    </div><div>I’m just installing it mate. Bike hasn’t gone anywhere. I turn it on, turn it off, and turn it on again either later that same session, or the next day. Not even kicking over the ignition, just turning the bike on to get power to the camera.</div>

    As previously mentioned, the camera is turning off at its own pace after the bike is turned off (takes approximately 15-30sec for the remote control indicators to go dark…I’ve not actually timed it)

    </div><div>Even minutes after the shutdown, the settings are defaulted, and I’ve also tested leaving things on for several minutes after the settings have been changed, in case the updates are transferred from the app to the camera intermittently.</div><div>
    </div><div>Yep, it’s the right app. As previously mentioned, it’s been reinstalled and firmware was updated to be sure </div>

    Doing this install over a couple of sessions due to my personal schedule and making changes to routing of the wires, position of the camera, etc.

  • Lemuel

    2024-01-12 at 16:34

    Check for firmware updates. There might be updates available for your camera that could fix this issue.

  • Hans

    2024-01-12 at 16:56

    This is challenging problem.
    The time that the K5 switches off is correct, it needs approximately 25 seconds to properly end the video recording. So you have connected the yellow wire to a contact switched connection, this is as it should be.
    Can you see in the app which firmware you are running, does this match the firmware you have installed? Maybe something went wrong with installing the new firmware.
    I can send you an older firmware version to see if the same problem occurs. This is to rule out whether the problem is due to the firmware. Let me know if you are interested in this.
    Before installation I would like to give the tip not to lay the wiring close to the horn. The horn can cause problems due to the strong magnetic field.

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