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  • Recording stops and other things.

    Posted by Geoff on 2024-03-13 at 04:17

    I went to view a video yesterday and to begin with the App was impossible to use. It asked to connect to WiFi, which I allowed. Then when I went to look at continuous video, the twirly thing went round for a minute or so, then came up with a blank, dark screen. As if there were no videos. I removed the SD card and put it in my PC. I found videos on my card. I’ve set it at 3 minute clips, but found it only records the first 20 minutes of any journey. Why is this? Any help on viewing in the App and having it record the full journey would be appreciated.

    Hans replied 4 weeks, 1 day ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
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  • Hans

    2024-03-14 at 01:16

    Hi Geoff,

    Can you indicate:
    – which version of the app are you using?
    – what brand/model phone are you connecting to?
    – are you using the latest firmware of the K3?
    – In the app, do you look in the ‘document’ folder, and then the ‘Camera files’ folder or the ‘Local files’ folder?
    – the videos that you do see on the computer, in which folder are they stored?
    – what kind of SD card are you using, how big is it?
    – could you perhaps post a print screen of the app’s settings?
    – is only the first 20 minutes recorded for each ride?
    – has the K3 worked before without any problems?

    If you have any more information, please pass it on.

  • Geoff

    2024-03-14 at 02:33

    Hans, thanks for the reply. The app was deleted and reinstalled. I updated the firmware yesterday and swapped out the SD card. I was using a 256GB SanDisk ultra, have now upgraded to a 256GB SanDisk industrial. I had a quick look before I set off for home this evening and it looks like that might have solved the issues. I’m hoping it boils down to a dodgy SD card. I’ll know more tomorrow.

    Cheers 😁

  • Hans

    2024-03-14 at 18:28

    Hi Geoff, Hopefully the problem is with the SD card and the problem is solved quickly with another SD card. I would like to hear whether there are no more problems with the other card.

    I don’t know how you formatted the ‘problem’ card, but it is recommended not to format it in a computer but to do it using the Innovv app

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