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    Posted by B on 2024-03-23 at 17:56

    Firstly let me say to INNOVV,

    Why the hell would you need WiFi to connect to, to make the App work?

    We have, Bluetooth, NFC which are versatile and actually work. Or at least why do we need the internet to view the cameras and settings.

    Pathetic & Poor form!

    I have spent hours trying to connect and always it connects without internet access.

    I have followed the patheticly few words of help with my situation. Would anyone have any key words of advice?

    I have tried everything I can think of.

    I am normally pretty technically minded. So not a technical philistine…..

    Anyone have a Samsung s22 or 23 and get connected?

    Yes, I have Mobile Data on, VPN’s off, I have tried Wi-Fi Direct, messing around with Intelligent Wi-Fi and nothing works.

    I will send this thing back if cannot get it working on one of the popular phones in the world.

    Hans replied 2 weeks, 6 days ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Hans

    2024-03-23 at 23:24

    Hello B,

    It’s a pity that you are having problems with your K6 and that you are clearly expressing your frustration.

    In short, NFC is much slower than Bluetooth, so transferring videos is actually impossible. In addition, NFC is only suitable for very short distances, 4 cm and shorter. This distance is too short for the Innovv cameras to make a good connection with your phone. You should then place your phone on your camera for a good connection. In addition, WiFi is also faster than Bluetooth. In short, WiFi is the most ideal connection.

    No internet is required to connect to the Innovv cameras.
    Internet and WiFi are two completely different things. WiFi is a form of data transfer. The Internet is the large collection of all kinds of information and is therefore not a form of data transfer.

    You only need the WiFi connection to connect to the K6.
    “I have spent hours trying to connect and always it connects without internet access” So it looks like you do have a WiFi connection with your K6.
    When you connect WiFi to the Innovv, your phone sees this connection as the access route to the internet. But the k6 is not a connection to the internet, it is only a ‘hotspot/wifi’ connection to your camera. This may be the reason why your phone is reporting that there is no internet connection. After all, your phone (Android) is constantly looking for a connection to the internet.

    I’m curious whether the green LED on the front camera of the K6 lights up or flashes continuously. If you search for the K6’s WiFi signal with your phone, do you see a network that resembles INNOVV_K6_…..?

    Have you installed the latest firmware version of the K6?

    which version of the Innovv do you have installed on your phone.

    You don’t have a firewall turned on on your phone?

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