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  • The Story of INNOVV K3 DashCam System

    Posted by INNOVV on 2023-12-15 at 10:35

    In 2020, we realized that INNOVV K2 Dash Camera System had been released for two years, and it was time to start designing a successor to K2 as the world’s first dual-channel full HD motorcycle dash camera system.

    The K2’s luxury design, compact DVR box, aluminum high-quality lens housing, good full HD video quality and reliable performance are popular with motorcyclists.

    INNOVV K3 is the successor to INNOVV K2. As a successor, it must have a better design than K2 and improved features. The INNOVV R&D team upholds this concept and, based on functional design, chip selection, appearance design, and feedback from K2, we believe several updates are meaningful:

    1.The unique designed control button

    We knew that checking the working status of the camera and saving your favorite videos was a popular feature. So, the INNOVV team designed the control box as a small aluminum box mounted on the handlebars, with three LEDs on the control box.

    The three LED indicators represent the working status of the camera, GPS, and Wi-Fi, along with a button for operation. We chose aluminum as the housing material for the control box because we knew it was the best material for a motorcyclist’ product.

    A competent design team should take advantage of the performance benefits of aluminum to reflect the product’s reliability. As we started designing the exterior of the control box, we initially didn’t have a good design. However, we noticed that the aluminum had a CD pattern when exposed to sunlight. This inspired us to design the operable button as a round button with a CD pattern.

    The sharp cutting edge on every circle makes the button looks shine when against the sun.

    LED lights cannot be transferred from the inside of the aluminum box to the outside. So, how do we layout three LEDs to match the design of the CD pattern button and make the box compact by saving space? The designer found the answers, and you can see that it works.

    2.Waterproof aluminum cable connector

    The INNOVV team believes that both K2 and K3 use the LVDS format to transmit video data, which requires expensive video cables to produce the best video quality. These cables consist of six wires, each with layers of protection against interference.

    However, commonly used cable connectors only have pins and jacks, which lack reliability in terms of connection, anti-interference capability, safety of cable installation, and moisture protection. As a result, the INNOVV team decided to abandon conventional cable connectors and instead opted for aircraft head connectors known for their excellent reliability.

    More than just having knowledge of the above, we need the ability to create solutions for addressing weaknesses. That’s why you’ll see that the design of the INNOVV video connector is simple and easy to use, but it also features a copper shell inside to block electric signals. The structure may appear complicated.

    3.External microphone

    Why are motorcyclists willing to pay extra to upgrade their expensive exhaust pipes? Because everyone wants an amazing engine sound and the feeling of powerful performance. Wouldn’t it be cool if an external microphone could capture the sound of the engine roaring and record our enjoyable journeys? The INNOVV R&D team recognized this and considered it a critical design aspect. That’s why all INNOVV products feature external microphones.

    As the successor to K2, K3 has inherited the popularity of K2 among motorcyclists in terms of video quality. The INNOVV team has ensured that the K3 maintains reliable video quality to attract motorcyclists. INNOVV team believes that the dual-channel 1080P resolution meets the basic needs of motorcyclists, and they also anticipate developing higher-definition options for INNOVV Dash camera in the future.

    After a year of research, development, and testing, the INNOVV K3 Dash Camera System was released in 2021 and quickly gained popularity among motorcyclists.

    The above is the design story of the INNOVV K3 dash camera. Every design originates from life, from you and me. The INNOVV team takes pride in the dash camera we have designed for motorcyclists.

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