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  • The Story of INNOVV K5 DashCam System

    Posted by INNOVV on 2023-12-15 at 10:33

    In 2020, we observed many motorcyclists starting to use GoPro and INSTA360 cameras to record videos of their rides. We were impressed with the quality of video provided by these cameras, which fueled the INNOVV team’s desire to push their limits.

    This drive for innovation is the genius of designers. We recognize that there is a high failure rate in taking on this challenge, but we believe that designers must accept failure in their pursuit of excellence. It was at this point that the INNOVV team realized we had to lead the industry and become the first company to manufacture 4K dashcams specifically for motorcyclists.

    Motorcyclists will love capturing stunning road views in 4K video resolution with the front-facing dual-channel motorcycle camera system.

    However, we didn’t realize the difficulties associated with 4K recording for the K5, such as the overheating of the chipset and its high power consumption. These challenges pose significant obstacles for all electronic products.

    When the chipset operates at high power, its surface temperature can reach 120°C. However, all electrical components that are good at 80°C cannot withstand high temperatures and fail to operate in a short time.

    The INNOVV team believes that the most efficient solution is to transfer the heat outside the box by adding heat sinks to the chipset. However, Rock doesn’t think this will reduce the temperature by 40 degrees Celsius in a short time because the box is made of plastic and is fully waterproof.

    Considering the problem of heat dissipation, the INNOVV team believes that aluminum is a suitable material. Aluminum has demonstrated excellent heat dissipation performance on K2 and K3.

    “We should not worry about the cost of expensive aluminum. If aluminum is used as the box material, it will work as the largest size of the heat sink. Think about how road temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius, and when riding, the wind can help pull heat away from the box,” Rock said. “The temperature inside the box can be reduced by up to 80 degrees Celsius, to around 60 degrees Celsius, and that’s it!

    When we determined the material for the shell, another difficulty arose. However, this difficulty could not be solved in isolation, as using aluminum as the housing material would block the WiFi signal. Without WiFi, there would be no app to act as a communication interface between the camera system and the phone, which is also a significant drawback.

    DVR boxes made of cheap plastic can become too hot and fail. If expensive aluminum is chosen as the housing material, WiFi signal blockage becomes an issue. When the INNOVV team faced this problem, a sentence came to mind: ‘Do you give up like this? Do you accept failure like this?

    The INNOVV team was determined that such difficulties would never defeat us. So, the team brainstormed ideas to overcome the WiFi signal blockage caused by aluminum enclosures. “What if we remove the WiFi antenna from the aluminum box?” Rock suggested. Now, in hindsight, we realize that this solution seems simple and even silly, but it took us a few weeks of contemplation to arrive at this idea. Since there was no previous design like this, it can be considered innovative.

    The INNOVV team quickly took action based on this idea, and we created a model that demonstrated faster heat release from the aluminum enclosure and stronger WiFi signal than ever before. This was an unexpected surprise.

    What’s more exciting is that the unique pattern design on the aluminum shell, coupled with the heat release surface and diamond shape, showcases the quality and design of INNOVV products, which we are proud of.

    After 16 months of research and development work, from project approval to appearance, chip selection, proofing and production, there are many difficulties in each step, but the INNOVV team has overcome this difficulty, here is only a small part of the INNOVV K5, but it has created such an excellent K5. In November 2020, INNOVV released the K5.

    We still believe that the K5 remains the best motorcycle dashcam, even though it was designed four years ago. We are incredibly happy and proud of the K5.

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