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  • The Story Of INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD Radar Detection System

    Posted by INNOVV on 2023-12-15 at 10:37

    Five years ago, we noticed an increasing number of new vehicle models being equipped with BSD radar systems. These systems significantly enhance the safety of cars. However, motorcycles lacked such technology. We firmly believed that implementing similar devices on motorcycles could greatly improve driving safety, reduce accidents, and protect the lives of motorcycle riders.

    Hence, we embarked on the development of such a system for motorcycles, which we aptly named “ThirdEYE.” This system serves as an additional eye, watching over the rider from behind, providing an extra layer of safety during road riding.

    The journey from the initial idea to a fully functional product was challenging. It involved more than simply adapting existing vehicle radar technology for motorcycles. It required creativity, innovation, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

    One of the main challenges was to design the radar body to be as compact as possible, considering the limited space available on motorcycles. Additionally, we aimed to ensure that the product remained affordable without compromising on quality or performance.

    Despite facing failures over the past four years, we never considered giving up. This unwavering determination is a testament to our belief that new technology can enhance the safety and enjoyment of riding. The excitement and amazement in the eyes of riders who tested the radar at AIMEXPO 2019 further reinforced our conviction.

    In order to achieve a compact size and affordability, we initially opted for laser radar. Three laser radars were positioned to cover the right, left, and middle backward directions.

    Although the range of 15 meters was slightly shorter, it consistently provided alerts regardless of whether detected objects were approaching or moving away. However, we encountered the challenge of receiving numerous false messages, similar to the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

    The BSD system used in vehicles typically consists of two 24GHz millimeter-wave radars. In our efforts to develop a similar system for motorcycles, we created our own version, but with a significantly reduced PCB size. Given the widespread use of this technology in vehicles, we initially believed that it would work effectively on motorcycles as well. However, our road tests proved otherwise.

    The detection distance of our radar system was only 6-10 meters. If a vehicle approached from behind at a speed 40 km/h faster than the motorcycle, the time from the radar’s initial detection to impact would be less than 1 second (calculated as 10 meters divided by the speed difference of 40 km/h converted to meters per second).

    This short reaction time was insufficient for riders to take appropriate action. I initially thought that we had made a mistake, but subsequent testing on vehicles confirmed that such a short reaction time is indeed considered acceptable in the vehicle industry.

    We were determined not to develop a system that would be ineffective or nonsensical. We continued to explore and seek solutions. Fortunately, the development of new technology led to the availability of 77GHz radar. This technology offered significant advantages over our previous efforts.

    Firstly, a single radar could divide the detection range into left, right, and middle directions.   Secondly, the detection range could extend up to 50 meters, even with a small antenna. This provides riders with ample time (4.5 seconds calculated as 50 meters divided by the speed difference of 40 km/h converted to meters per second) to take appropriate action.

    After completing the testing phase, we released the entire product in May 2023. It received high praise from many motorcycle riders who appreciated its ability to enhance safety while riding.

    While ThirdEYE’s development journey has come to an end, its journey with you has just begun.

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