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  • ThirdEye on a BMW K1600GT

    Posted by Hans on 2023-12-16 at 00:46

    I recently fitted my BMW K1600GT with the ThirdEye system.

    I had the choice to install the watch version or the mirror version. I opted for the mirror version. But to get an idea of where you can install the watch version, I also took a photo of this.

    I placed the mirror version on my handlebars and the control unit was placed under my saddle. On YouTube you can see a recording of how the ThirdEye works on my bike.

    In practice, the ThirdEye works well. Both on the highway at higher speeds and at lower speeds in built-up areas, vehicles behind my motorcycle are detected in time.

    Innovv recommends placing the radar detector at an angle of 10° degrees. I placed the radar detector horizontally. In my opinion, the radar detector detects vehicles sooner than at the recommended angle. I have not been able to physically measure whether this is actually correct.

    I have not (yet) been able to test how the ThirdEye works in heavy rain and snow. But with splashing moisture and dirt on the radarunit I have not found any reduction in performance.

    Does the ThirdEye have added value? Yes! Certainly, especially in busy traffic conditions, the ThirdEye is a welcome third eye. If you have missed a vehicle, the ThirdEye will alert you that there is another vehicle outside your view.

    Is the price of the ThirdEye worth it? I believe so. But that is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves. What is your safety worth to you?

    Hans replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • william remezond

    2024-01-01 at 21:10

    Hoi Hans, could we get in contact because i would like this also

    • Hans

      2024-01-02 at 00:40

      Hi William,
      You can contact me via hans(at)
      This can be done in Dutch, because I think you also live in the Netherlands.

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