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  • Unable to discover or connect to phone

    Posted by Richard on 2024-01-07 at 01:23

    INNOVV K6 camera

    So formatted SD card to FAT32 copied latest firmware to card.

    Power up camera with flashlight green light, go into phone settings for Bluetooth and nothing for Innov is discoverable.

    Tried this on 2 iPhones, downloaded app and nothing?

    Any ideas or help greatly appreciated.

    Hans replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
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  • Hans

    2024-01-08 at 01:47

    Hi Richard,

    The iPhones are known for having poor WiFi connections with Innovv cameras.

    Can you put the iPhones in airplane mode and then manually establish a WiFi connection?

    Have you downloaded the correct app?

  • Richard

    2024-01-08 at 01:59

    Hi Hans

    Much appreciated, I was looking to connect via Bluetooth not Wi-Fi and I have now resolved it and it works well, although I have to reconnect every time I turn it on.

    I now just need to adjust settings as all I’m getting in the video is a lot of wind noise, I also need a good video editing program.

    Any suggestions greatly received.


  • Hans

    2024-01-08 at 02:13

    Hi Richard,

    Innovv only connects via WiFi, not via Bluetooth.
    A free video editing program with many options is Kdenlive, see
    With the K6 you can play with the recording volume. Unfortunately you cannot place a dead cat against the wind noise. So it takes some experimenting yourself.

    Have fun with your K6.

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