INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera Hands-On Review

Introduction – The H5 Story…

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Around May 2022 the INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera became (officially) available from the INNOVV website. But of course, development started well before this date and I, like other wBW reviewers who pursue new things, got some early and continuing insight into the H5’s evolution and most gratefully, provided with early components for pre-release assessment.

This section is a brief capture, with some timelines, of this reviewer’s experience regarding the iterative design, development, test and production activities leading to the spring 2022 release of the new INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera system – lets get started.

With the INNOVV K5 Dual Channel Action Camera released in December 2020 and reviewed by wBW the same month, the INNOVV team let it be known that they were well along in evolving their next product – a high-resolution helmet camera with extended battery life…something of great interest to action camera users.

Although INNOVV considered using the new K5 DVR module as the basis for the helmet camera, this option was rejected in favour of a totally new design; one not based on either the K5 Motorcycle dashcam nor the original USB-powered INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera Kit.

As such, it would truly be a new product – leveraging some of the newer K5 motorcycle dashcam technology while applying ten plus years of experience in designing and developing motorcycle-oriented camera systems.

An obvious objective was to be competitive – think GoPro here; and another to be unique, given that the INNOVV name is derived from innovate.

And this innovative and unique product would include high quality, 4K resolution, electronic image stabilization (EIS), recording time in excess of four hours, easy to mount, small footprint for placement versatility, low profile for streamlining, adjustability for optimal field of view orientation, (optional) external microphone, and be easy to use.

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