How Does the INNOVV ThirdEYE Enhance Riders Safety?

INNOVV-ThirdEYE Motorcycle BSD System

Motorcycles and electric bicycles are on the rise on the roads, which calls for more awareness and care from riders about road safety.

How does INNOVV ThirdEYE protect riders from blind spots? It is a product that INNOVV launched in 2023, which uses radar sensors and audio-visual alerts.

Riders can be alerted by ThirdEYE when vehicles are behind them or passing by on the roads, ThirdEYE uses audio-visual signals to boost their awareness and prevent accidents.

Checking the rear-view mirrors may seem enough, but ThirdEYE can save your life in two situations. One is when you are briefly distracted. Studies have found that riders sometimes lose focus and forget to look at their mirrors or over their shoulders before changing lanes, but the ThirdEYE BSD system is a reliable device that always focuses on the road and its alerts can stop you from crashing in these cases.

In scenarios of limited visibility, such as at night, in rainy conditions, or in foggy weather, where clear visibility of vehicles behind you through the mirror is compromised, changing lanes poses significant risks. ThirdEYE can be a lifesaver in these situations, and its value is unquestionable.

ThirdEYE is a device that can enhance your safety on the road by detecting potential hazards and alerting you in advance. It is a smart investment that can save you from costly accidents and injuries. Please don’t wait until it’s too late, get your ThirdEYE today and enjoy a safer and smoother driving experience!

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