How INNOVV K3 Dashcam System and ThirdEYE BSD System Revolutionize the Last Mile Delivery

Technology has transformed the delivery industry in recent years. Many express companies use EV tricycles for the last mile delivery. EV tricycles are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and agile. They can carry more packages than traditional bicycles and zoom through narrow and crowded areas easily.

Singapore Post EV Vehicles

We often see electric tricycles on the streets, such as those used by Singapore Post for the last mile delivery service. However, they also face the risk of collisions with vehicles or pedestrians. Without a video recording device, it is hard to prove what happened and claim insurance in case of accidents.

INNOVV has extensive experience in providing safety solutions for motorcycles and electric tricycles. The INNOVV K3 Dashcam System was specifically designed for EV tricycles and is a compact and easy-to-install recorder. It automatically records dual channels in 1080P Full HD when the ignition switch is on or off. The K3 dashcam features a 120-degree wide-angle lens that captures a broad view of the road and delivery, along with a GPS that tracks the delivery route. It can support up to a 256GB TF memory card and record up to eight hours of 1080P video. The INNOVV K3 Dashcam is an ideal recorder for EV tricycles, providing excellent video evidence for riders and goods, avoiding disputes over accidents, and ensuring proper delivery.

INNOVV K3 on A Singapore Post EV Tricycle

The INNOVV K3 Dashcam is an excellent device that provides video evidence for accidents or delivery issues. However, to prevent accidents from happening, a device that can alert riders to potential safety hazards is necessary. After years of research and development, INNOVV has improved the ThirdEYE blind spot detection device for motorcycles and EV tricycles. ThirdEYE BSD System addresses safety issues such as frequent lane changes on streets and has impressed many customers since its launch.

As the delivery industry continues to grow rapidly, the safety of EV tricycles becomes increasingly important. To this end, INNOVV has cooperated with Singapore Post for K3 Dashcam and introduced ThirdEYE BSD System to them again. ThirdEYE uses a 77GHz radar sensor to automatically detect targets within 0.2 to 50 meters when TTC (Time to Collision) is less than or equal to 3 seconds. When a vehicle approaches in the blind spot, it warns the rider with lights and sounds, helping to reduce and prevent accidents. The introduction of ThirdEYE BSD System is a significant step towards improving the safety of EV tricycles and ensuring the well-being of riders and goods.

INNOVV ThirdEYE System

EV tricycles are prone to accidents because of their large size, many blind spots, and low visibility, especially in complex road conditions. With ThirdEYE’s audio and visual alerts, the rider can quickly notice the situation and take action to avoid accidents. ThirdEYE BSD System can also increase the rider’s awareness of approaching vehicles and their position, especially in low light conditions such as night or rain and fog. However, ThirdEYE BSD System can remind riders when changing lanes, thus lowering the chance of accidents.

INNOVV K3 & ThirdEYE System on Singapore Post EV tricycle

With these advanced technologies, Singapore Post has improved its delivery services by enhancing safety, efficiency, and transparency. The combination of EV tricycle with INNOVV K3 Dashcam and INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System has enabled Singapore Post to provide customers with a worry-free service experience.

Singapore Post EV Vehicles

The security solutions provided by INNOVV to Singapore Post are successful and meaningful. As e-commerce and online retail grow more popular, the last-mile delivery sector will continue to expand in the future. As a result, businesses that invest in the latest technology and safety solutions like the INNOVV K3 Dashcam and ThirdEYE BSD System will be ready to benefit from the market trends and meet customer expectations. INNOVV will keep providing more secure and effective solutions for motorcycles and E-bikes, benefiting more riders and ensuring greater social safety.

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