INNOVV C1, C2 & SJ1000, SJ4000

Techmoan found the SJ1000 and SJ 4000 action cameras, reviewed them and has introduced them to many people so they are now very well known.

OK, let’s say a new distributor would like to sell INNOVV C1, C2 & SJ1000, SJ4000. He makes some inquiries and reaches over 20 contacts and they all said they make the SJ1000 & SJ4000. He gets very confused, So who is the real manufacturer?

Like other non-brand products made in China, you won’t find any manufacturers information on the product or the packaging and that seems like a man who is not willing to tell people he is the father of the son.

It is unbelievable, but why? Below are the reasons:
The products are very likely to be copies and hiding contact info is to avoid legal troubles.

Their sales rely on trading companies who do not want people get factory price from manufacturers instead of them.

Now the manufacturer knows their products have been well discussed by people and I believe they would like to stand in front of their products and tell people who they are, in the way that INNOVV are doing. To do this it is critical…

They are willing and have confidence to create the original design instead of clone?

They are willing to take risk of sales decline if the trading companies betray them.

In China, making a product similar to other big brands and selling with non-brand is easy and has low cost. when they consider the risks and return of investment in creating a new brand, design and develop a product from the initial idea, what INNOVV is doing would be stupid, they are thinking how fast to make money, instead of creates long term value for the business and for their customers with a trustworthy brand value.

That is the different between the INNOVV C1, C2 and SJ1000, SJ4000.

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