To RC People

This blog is from INNOVV Team for people on the RC Group.

INNOVV C1 is born and We’d like to introduce it to people on the forum.

I fully understand that people will associate the INNOVV with the team of the #18, and will assume that support and communication for the INNOVV C1 will be no different to that for the #18 or #26. Firstly, I can tell people that while INNOVV has support from the team of #18, it operates independently. (More information regarding this can be found from the blog.)
Due to the association behind, INNOVV C1 and Mobius, People should compare with these two cameras, Mobius has been a great success,

People are talking about it everyday,

It has a good reputation and is successor to the #16,

Tom Frank has over ten years experience in managing and leading discussion on the forum to support on Mobius threads.

Isoprop is supporting on FW and new development, communication with people in technology.

But at the moment what does the Innovv has?

  • The poor reputation from #26,
  • People’s doubt in the new development,
  • No support on the forum.
  • Does all the above mean Innovv has no future?

No. I strongly believe the Chinese words below, Gold should be shiny the end. People will find the facts by time being.

What can we do to improve things?

  • I am willing to take some of the blame for the lack of support from the team of #18.
  • I believe a high cost has been paid for such mistakes.
  • We will learn from these mistakes.
  • INNOVV and I will be listening to people.

We intend to improve communication and be more supportive after sales and with FW upgrading.

Below is our strategy to gain people’s trust and bring Innovv a bright future. It is very simple,

  • Close communication with users,
  • Much better support regarding software and operating issues,
  • Developing a product with full passion and make it as good as gold.

The first step we have taken since INNOVV was born is to communicate with Charles (Chuck) Lohr. He has introduced Innovv C1 to the forum, and we have seen the comments which are very fair.

INNOVV- it is from the word Innovate. To Innovate. To Explore everyday.

I want to bring the change since it was born!

From the blog-the design and development of INNOVV C1, and the big day for the InnovvC1, people will know how hard I have worked, but it is not the end. At the moment FW improvements are continuing and the GUI is being optimized. As happens with any new product, there is always room for some improvement in the light of experiences from its users!

Anyhow, thank you for reading and your understanding is appreciated. Please trust me that I am full on with product development and improvement. I will be here listening and will have more communication with people, including exchange of ideas to produce the best small HD 1080 video camera on the market.

Let’s stand together, make the change happen!

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