Flying in the sky is amazing, but can be dangerous unless you are a bird, or have proper training! Bobflyman, otherwise know as Bob Moore, has been paragliding for 12 years now. He’s flown in the UK, Europe and Australia and very much enjoys his view from the sky and it’s part of his life and his hobby. But he says you must be properly trained by a good paragliding school before taking to the skies.

Now the weather is beginning to improve in the UK, he finally had a chance to make some good flying with his INNOVV C1. The video location is Maker Heights near Plymouth Sound in Cornwall. It is a South Devon Hang Gliding and Paragliding club site. The map shows where he flies, it’s a run of about 4kms from Cawsand to Mount Edgcumbe. near the City of Plymouth on the south coast of England.

He says flying on the coast is often safer than inland as the air is usually quite smooth and laminar. Inland, especially in summer, it can be thermic and possibly more turbulent. The danger of coastal flying is landing in the sea which could be fatal. But that would only happen if you made a big mistake?

He mounts the C1 on a small plastic bracket made from PVC which is on the chin of his full face helmet. This is safer for paragliding than mounting on top of the helmet which many GoPro users do. In paragliding there is risk of snagging lines on top of the helmet and there have been accidents caused by this. The Innovv is small and therefore easier and safer to mount!

To go with Bob’s fly, you can watch the video from the following link,, I like two guys waved hand for byebye at end, that means they would fly again, to have fun and enjoy!

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