INNOVV Motorcycle Dashcams Assist Police Department’s Daily Work

Have you ever noticed the polices riding purpose-built motorcycles marketed by Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, BMW Motorrad or others on crowded streets? Are you impressed by their outstanding riding skills and pretty cool outfits?

Compared with traditional police vehicles, police motorcycles offer advantages of maneuverability by its relatively small size. It could help police officers get to accident scenes more quickly even there is a traffic collision or traffic jam.

When traced back to the history of police motorcycles, police officers have used motorcycles—primarily for the enforcement of traffic laws and as escort vehicles—since the early 20th century. The role of the motorcycle as inexpensive public transportation evolved in the 1930s, and their use by police and the armed forces also grew.

The first recorded use of a dashcam was way back in the 1930s, which was to help police officers catch traffic violators. That had three-cameras mounted to a vehicle and took still pictures (with time and date) to be used as evidence. In the 1960s, dash cams became more standard in police cars and were used to combat traffic violations.

In recent years, dashcams also have been widely applied in police motorcycles and assisted police officers’ daily work. Motorcycle dashcams are great partners or additions for the body cameras during police officers’ daily work, providing the ability to record footage on the road and delivering high quality law enforcement evidence. Especially those motorcycle cameras equipped with dual cameras, they could provide full coverage in front of and behind the motorcycles.

Therefore, we could say, motorcycle dashcams are as necessary as car dashcams for police officers to make a full record and enhance their working efficiency. For example, in the year of 2017, 22 of the UK’s police forces calculated that dashcam footage has saved them 68,474 hours of human evidence-processing time pertaining to claims or dangerous driving having been witnessed and recorded.

Actually, there are plenty of motorcycle dashcams on the market with a lot of features to choose from. Normal dashcams are only as good as the evidence they can collect. And there are a number of features—loop recording, automatic recording, high quality video and others—that can make them more effective. So do INNOVV dashcams. INNOVV is known as the top of the line brand of motorcycle dashcams and INNOVV dashcams are very popular around the world. One of our INNOVV products launched in the year of 2018, INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera was picked as one of the best motorcycle dash cam in the world by before.

We are proud to announce that the INNOVV K5motorcycle dashcam and INNOVV K2 motorcycle dashcams have been widely used in UK, Israel, South Korea and Hungarian police departments, such as Suffolk Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police, Norfolk Police Federation and North Yorkshire Police in UK. Those police officers all think highly of INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 dashcams for their outstanding performances and versatile features. So far, INNOVV dashcams have been installed on BMW R1200RT-P, BMW R1200GS, Yamaha FJR1300, Honda CBX750P and other police motorcycles.

Greater Manchester Police Norfolk Police Federation

North Yorkshire Police Suffolk Constabulary

Békés County Police Győr Moson Sopron County Police Headquarters

Zala County Police Headquarters

INNOVV dashcam installed on Israel police bike

INNOVV dashcam installed on South Korea police bike

INNOVV dashcam installed on Hungary police bike

High-Quality Video

INNOVV motorcycle dashcams could provide as detailed an image as possible. INNOVV K5 features an Ultra HD 4K front camera with an HD 1080P rear camera, offering amazing video quality as the normal action camera, such as GoPro or Insta 360. INNOVV K2 adopts dual 1080P cameras with a wide 120 degree field of view and captures clear and crisp videos. Both of them help police officers see important details, such as the license plate on the moving car that sideswiped.

IP67 Waterproof

Both INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcams are rated as IP67 waterproof with their simple and high-end design, meaning that they could withstand the rain, snow and dust. Police officers could go confidently into every ride with INNOVV K2 dashcam and INNOVV K5 dashcam in harsh weather conditions.

Wi-Fi Support

The INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcams could be connected to smartphone via a Wi-Fi support. Police officers could easily view, download videos or share videos with INNOVV App on their smartphone without extracting the TF card.

GPS Module

Most dashcams have the GPS module built-in while the INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcams adopt an external GPS. Speed, date & time and location-data are logged in each video file to have a full record when and where the event was happened, providing everything police officers need.

Loop Recording & Automatic Recording

The INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 dashcams are designed in a “Fit and Forget” manner, performing an automatic start/stop recording with the ignition on/off. Not worry about manually charging the battery or turning it on and off like using an action camera. Moreover, they both adopt loop recording feature to record video continuously but the older files will be overwritten once the TF card is full.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

The INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 dashcams could stand extreme temperature with the high-end design, and they could work from -30℃-70℃ under severe environment. Even in harsh winter, there is no doubt that INNOVV dashcams could serve police officers well.

Powerful Remote Control

The INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam is packed with a remote control and provide more possibilities. Police officers would never miss a moment with the Function Button on the Remote Control, capturing scenes with photo taking or video saving by simply pressing the function button for a specific times, without taking hands off the handlebar and eyes off the road. That means police officers could focus on riding while the INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcams could help them capture what they need for the evidence.

Though the INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K5 dashcams are power enough to meet police officers’ daily work with those features listed above, INNOVV strives to make improvements or develop new motorcycle dashcams to better assist police officers with more user-friendly and convenient features.


INNOVV TECH was created by Rock Liu after he left the German luxury packaging company which has more than 150 years history for the high-quality design. He knew that stylishness, elegance, innovation are rare and invaluable, and can bring pleasure to people for another 150 years or forever. So did he in powersports industry and established the INNOVV TECH.

Powersports are the activities for fun and joy which is from the bottom of heart, and INNOVV Tech always follows that. The fans said, it is the pleasure to own the products and share the wonderful moments on the roads with others.

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