People enjoy their own lifestyle, Bobflyman is happy with the moment in the sky, theWolfTamer pursues her motorcycling life, she said in her blog,

I was really been looking forward to this day for about three weeks. Why? Because I haven’t ridden since February. No little day trips and very few errands by bike. It’s partially because I was saving for the trip and partially because every time I get on the bike I’m way too tempted to just keep going.

I started to learn about motorcycling from theWolfTamer’s message, she mentioned how the C1 looks and works great, after See it, Touch it, Like it, she would Sell it to the fellows in motorcycle community. She advised me
The average motorcyclist wants simplicity. Point, shoot, and upload like the Gopro. A camera that handles different lighting conditions well, versatile mounting options, and superb value is exactly what is missing.

Before selling started, she tasted and enjoyed the ridding with the C1, shared how to have the C1 mounted as below photos, and the video.
Innovv C1 action cam mounted to my Yamaha FZ1 using super clamp and 11″ friction arm mounted on luggage rack and rear facing. Preview from 15 Mar 14 ride in North Carolina.

Here is the mount,

When I first saw it, I was surprised how wonderful the mount works for the C1 and aware how important the mounts for motorcyclists, they always seek for the best fitting mounts, but not easy to get the perfect one, to the best support their need, the collection has been made as below and be available for shopping, and will keep to dig out the perfect fitting ones per people’s need.

When I am writing this blog, Largey gives me the update on the rainproof case on his motorcycle as below, He owns a Fatboylo Harley 2011 and a Yamaha FZ8 2010 also a Yamaha FZR 1800 2011 jetski, The last ride was he went to on the Harley was with 3000+ riders, it was a ride into parliament house to voice their opinion with some new rules in Queensland.

Both theWolfTamer and Largey will have new exploring with their motorcycles and C1, and keep updating, Have fun and enjoy!

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