INNOVV Dashcam System Firmware Update Tutorial (K5 for Example) (Video)

To update the firmware of your INNOVV Dashcam System, follow these steps:

1.Visit and download the latest firmware for your specific model (e.g., K5).

2.Copy the downloaded firmware file (bin format) to an SD card. Ensure that the file name remains unchanged and avoid using names like K5(1).bin or K5(2).bin.

3.Insert the Micro SD card containing the firmware file into your INNOVV DVR.

4.Power on your INNOVV motorcycle dashcam system. During the firmware update process, you will notice the green light flashing erratically.

5.Once the firmware update is successfully completed, the blue light on the camera system will start flashing regularly, approximately once per second.

6.If, for any reason, the firmware update was not successful, please repeat the update process.

Remember to always use the latest firmware version provided by INNOVV to ensure optimal performance and access to new features and improvements.

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