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Motorcycle and car are both reliable and common forms of transportation in today’s world, while a motorcycle offers a number of clear benefits that a car could not provide. Besides that riding a motorcycle produces a feeling of freedom that is hard to replicate with a car, a motorcycle’s fast acceleration and ease of maneuverability far exceed that of a car.

Therefore, in some cases, people would prefer or must use motorcycles instead of cars for their unique advantages, fast acceleration and ease of maneuverability. For example, when something urgent needed to courier in severe road conditions, a motorcycle performs better than a car. In UK and Ireland, a group of motorcycles have been widely used in handling these tasks, and they are called blood bikes. It consists of a network of largely independent registered charities, whose members are all unpaid volunteers, providing blood bike courier services in collaboration with their local healthcare authorities.

Blood Bikes Motorcyclist
Blood Bikes Volunteers

“A blood bike is a motorcycle used to courier urgent and emergency medical items including blood, X-rays, samples, drugs, and documentation between hospitals and other healthcare facilities.”
Look at the history of Blood Bike, the first Blood Bike volunteer group was established in 1962 in England by Margaret Ryerson and her husband. Later, a number of other Blood Bike groups operated in the UK and Ireland. Some original groups are no longer operating, but other groups emerged that provide similar services, including Freewheelers EVS, Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes, Severn Freewheelers, Blood Bikes Wales, Blood Bike Leinster and others.

Among them, several groups have received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for their contributions, which is the highest award that can be made to a voluntary group. Freewheelers EVS is the first Blood Bike group to win the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2008. North West Blood Bikes Lancashire & Lakes received one in 2016, Northumbria Blood Bikes won that reward in 2017, and etc.

Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

However, motorcyclists are classified as vulnerable road users and motorcycle is regarded as the most dangerous form of transport when compared to walking, cycling and various four wheeled vehicles. Due to the unstable conditions faced by the Blood Bike charities and the added dangers of journeys at night and in adverse weather, despite advanced rider training, there have been accidents, some of which have been fatal.

For instance, on 28 November 2016, Martin Dixon of Bloodrun EVS (Cleveland and North Yorkshire) was killed while on duty in a traffic collision. On 5 May 2018, Russell Curwen of North West Blood Bikes was killed while on duty in a traffic collision.

Those injuries and deaths are painful to all of us, it is urgent and necessary that we must do something to better protect those great Blood Bikers. Besides the routine motorcycle training program, Blood Bikers need more protections during riding in severe weather conditions. We are honored that INNOVV motorcycle cameras have been widely used to better protect them. For now, INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera, INNOVV K5 dashcam and INNOVV K3 dashcam have been assisted these Blood Bikers in United Kingdom.

We are proud to partner and support Blood Bikes Organizations across the UK. These organizations provide an invaluable service throughout the nation and many highly trained individuals give up their time for free to ensure vital supplies of blood and other mission-critical medicines are delivered on time.

INNOVV UK & Blood Bikes
Blood Bikes Organizations

The INNOVV motorcycle dashcams are packed with IP67 waterproof to ensure that they could operate properly even in harsh environments, meaning that INNOVV dashcams could withstand snow, rain and dust. Blood Bikers always help deliver the vital supplies of blood and other mission-critical medicines on time and they may face every harsh condition sometimes. INNOVV dashcams could always protect them with their powerful features and high-end design.

The new INNOVV K5 dashcam and INNOVV K3 dashcam feature dual camera with a wide 120 degree field of view, capturing important details in crisp 4K UHD (INNOVV K5) or 1080P HD (INNOVV K3) video and providing complete coverage around Blood Bikers. Besides that, both INNOVV K5 and INNOVV K3 all have a fancy remote control, Blood Bikers could save videos, take photos or perform a factory reset by simply pressing the Function Button on remote control, giving their full attention to riding to ensure personal safety. More importantly, INNOVV dashcams include every feature that a motorcycle dashcam shall have, such as loop recording, auto on/off recording(ignition driven), GPS module, and parking mode. Therefore, it is no doubt that INNOVV dashcams

could protect Blood Bikers well even in harsh road conditions.

INNOVV strives to provide more user-friendly and powerful motorcycle dashcams with our innovations. In the future, hope INNOVV dashcams could better protect Blood Bikers with more versatile features. Let’s save more lives and build a better world together.

INNOVV TECH was created by Rock Liu after he left the German luxury packaging company which has more than 150 years history for the high-quality design. He knew that stylishness, elegance, innovation are rare and invaluable, and can bring pleasure to people for another 150 years or forever. So did he in powersports industry and established the INNOVV TECH.

Powersports are the activities for fun and joy which is from the bottom of heart, and INNOVV Tech always follows that. The fans said, it is the pleasure to own the products and share the wonderful moments on the roads with others.

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