The Factors May Cause The Malfunction Of INNOVV Dash Cam

Factor 1: SD Card

The INNOVV dash cam comes with high video resolution, which requires processing a large amount of data and demands a demands a high-performance and high-quality memory card. Using a cheap or pirated SD card in the INNOVV dash cam may cause incompatibility issues and prevent successful video recording. If you encounter this issue, the recording indicator on the remote control panel will continue to blink after you remove the SD card. In this case, you need to replace the SD card with a high-quality one.

Factor 2: Poor Contact Between Connectors

Poor connector contact can also cause the INNOVV motorcycle dash cam to malfunction. The INNOVV motorcycle dash cam has reinforced and waterproof connectors for easy installation, fixation, and detection, all of them needs to be securely connected by rotating. Poor contact at any of these interfaces can result in the connected components not functioning properly and can cause waterproofing issues. A loose connection between the ACC wire and yellow wire can lead to power supply problems and prevent the INNOVV dash cam from turning on. Similarly, a loose connection between the rear camera and DVR can cause the loss of the rear view.

Factor 3: Loose Screws

Some models of the INNOVV dash cam are designed with screws, and if these screws are not tightened, it can cause a series of issues. For example, if the screws on the front lens of the K5 are not tightened, it may result in water seeping into the lens and damaging the main unit’s chips. Similarly, if the screws on the K6 are not tightened, it may cause the rear-pull lens to fail to record. Therefore, it is important to securely tighten any screws in the body of the INNOVV dash cam.

Factor 4: Component Damage

Any defective components may cause functional issues with the INNOVV dash cam. For example, a defective DC converter might prevent the INNOVV dash cam from turning on properly. If the GPS module is damaged, it may result in inaccurate or no position information in the video footage. Similarly, if the rear lens is damaged, it may cause the rear camera to fail to record. If the front lens is damaged, it may also prevent the recorder from turning on.

Factor 5: Lens Not Securely Fixed

INNOVV’s bracket is exclusively designed with a 3*360°rotatable adjustment, allowing it to adapt to most motorcycle models and find the most suitable shooting angle. However, if the screws on the bracket are not securely fixed or if the bracket’s attached position is easily shaken, it may cause the lens to shake and result in unstable video footage.

Factor 6: Insufficient Reserved Wire Length

During motorcycle rides, changes in direction needs angle adjustments, so the INNOVV dash cam’s components require reserved wire length to accommodate these movements. It’s crucial to ensure that the installation of the product reserves enough length for adjustment. If there isn’t enough space, it can cause the components and cables to tear and fracture, leading to product malfunction.

Factor 7: Improper Storage

INNOVV dash cams are electronic products that are better used frequently and maintained regularly. When idle for extended periods, it is recommended to store them in a dry space to avoid potential product malfunctions caused by moisture.

Generally, INNOVV Technology prioritizes high-quality products and services. However, electronic products can have various issues that require thorough testing and inspection to pinpoint the problem. When receiving customer assistance requests, our after-sales team will kindly ask for your patience and cooperation with the guidelines provided to troubleshoot the issues. INNOVV sincerely appreciates your long-term support and understanding, and we remain committed to continuously improving our products and service quality.

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