The INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD Radar Detection System, A Guardian on The Road

As a manufacturer of radar detection systems, we take great pride in knowing that our products are able to provide customers with a sense of security and peace of mind. Recently, we received installation pictures from an end user of our product, The ThirdEYE, who shared his positive experience with us and expressed his gratitude for our product.

The ThirdEYE is a radar detection system that employs advanced technology to detect motion and alert riders such as motorcycle riders, E bike riders, of any potential threats. It is designed to be easy to install and use, making it a popular choice for adventure riders.

INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD Radar System

One of our customers recently installed The ThirdEYE in his Honda VFR-ABS del 2007 and shared his experience. The client was impressed with how easy it was to install, and how quickly they were able to start using it. But what really stood out to our customer was the sense of security that The ThirdEYE provided. They felt confident knowing that the system was constantly monitoring their surroundings, and that they would be alerted to any potential threats. This gave them peace of mind and allowed them to enjoy more riding fans.

INNOVV ThirdEYE Watch Display on The Handle Bar

INNOVV ThirdEYE Detector on The Rear


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