The INNOVV ThirdEYE Motorcycle BSD Radar Detection System, The Safety Protector of Yours


When we ride motorcycles on the road, our family always cares about our safety. It’s natural to want to do everything we can to ease their worries. One way to increase our riding safety is by using specialized equipment. For example, the INNOVV Radar Detection System can detect cars behind us and alert us to potential threats. With this device, we can ride with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that we have an extra layer of protection on the road.

The INNOVV Radar Detection System employs advanced technology to detect all potential dangers, including motorcycle riders, e-bike riders, and any other potential threats on the road.

We recently received positive feedback from a satisfied regular customer who installed the INNOVV Radar ThirdEYE System in his 2023 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. He found the system to be highly sensitive and accurate in detecting, presenting, and tracking movements via the watch. In fact, he noted that it was much better than the original version or its successor. During his rides in light traffic, he was impressed with how well the system worked. The LED indicator sent a warning signal when cars approached from behind, giving him enough time to take action and avoid potential dangers on the road.

INNOVV ThirdEYE Watch Version Display

INNOVV ThirdEYE Radar Detector

Life is short, and your safety is valuable. Ride what you love with confidence, knowing that INNOVV Radar Detection System has got your back. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective radar detection system, the INNOVV Radar Detection System is the perfect choice for you.


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