Why You Should Consider INNOVV Dashcam before Buying One

Motorcycle rider

As a motorcyclist, buying the right dashcam for your bike can be overwhelming due to the plethora of options available in the market. So, before making your decision, I highly recommend considering INNOVV’s dashcams. Here are the key reasons why:

1. Extensive Research and Development Experience

Since the introduction of the pioneering dual-recording motorcycle dashcam, the INNOVV K1, in 2015, INNOVV has remained at the forefront of motorcycle dashcam innovation for nearly a decade. During this period, INNOVV has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to enhance rider safety and capture memorable moments on the road.

Notable achievements include: 1). INNOVV K5: The world’s first 4K+1080P motorcycle recorder, setting a new standard for video quality and clarity. With its dual front and rear cameras, the K5 captures every detail of your ride, ensuring you never miss a beat. 2). INNOVV K2: Recognized as the best motorcycle dashcam, the K2 features dual 1080P cameras, waterproof design, easy installation, and GPS tagging. It’s a reliable companion for riders seeking both security and convenience. 3). INNOVV K3: Building upon the success of the K2, the K3 offers an upgraded experience with enhanced features. It’s a testament to INNOVV’s commitment to meeting user requirements and continuously improving their products. 4). INNOVV K6: Designed specifically for motorcycles, the K6 boasts dual cameras with 2K+1080P resolution. Its F2.0 aperture and QHD lenses deliver exceptional image quality, even in challenging riding conditions.

2. Unique, High-end Design

The company’s dashcams feature an aluminum alloy body and a piano paint finish, which give them a sleek and elegant look. They can also blend in seamlessly with various types of motorcycles, creating a harmonious aesthetic. Moreover, the 3-axis rotating mount allows users to adjust the cameras to their preferred angle and position, ensuring optimal visibility and recording quality.

3. Excellent After-sales service

One of the reasons why INNOVV receives widely friendly comments is its efficient and responsible after-sales service. The company not only solves user issues promptly and professionally, but also helps customers find out the best dashcam installation position for optimal results. Here are some of the real feedback from satisfied customers:

Great Professionalism

I have an INNOVV camera system fitted to both of my motorcycles. There have been the usual ‘gremlins’ with any device fitted to a bike, out in all weathers. This is where the goods bought let you know just how good the Suppliers are. For me, this is where INNOVV wins, hands-down. Great professionalism, excellent after sales service with a video head ‘almost’ bomb-proof! The only problems I’ve had are the peripheries with a tad of user error! I tend to catch David with my issues, he has it all fixed in no time. A brilliant company to deal with with a higher than usual safety device – cameras front and rear – on a MOTORCYCLE!   –Mike Bentley

Great service..

I contacted them over the weekend with some questions about downloads and formatting queries I had, they got back to me within few hours.

The order was then dealt with quickly and the delivery was on time as well.

Very happy..  –bandit

Excellent product and even better customer service

I have had my K3 for 18 months and I am very happy with it as it does exactly what it is supposed to do and I would not hesitates to buy another innov product when I need it. Further more what I would say is the customer service is even better, I have contacted David for a little bit of help and he was very helpful and knowledgeable so this is what stands out for me. Very often a business will take your more but the after sales leaves a lot to be desired which definitely is not the case with these guys. –John S


INNOVV’s dashcams are the best choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who value quality, design, and service. The company’s products offer unique and high-end features, such as an aluminum alloy body, a piano paint finish, and a 3-axis rotating bracket. They also provide efficient and responsible after-sales service, which solves user issues and helps customers achieve optimal results. Therefore, I recommend that you take a look at the INNOVV dashcam before you make your purchase, so that you can enjoy the benefits of this amazing product.

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