How the INNOVV Dashcam Can Benefit You and Protect You in an Accident?

Many riders overlook the safety benefits of dashcams, but the truth is that the right dashcam can have numerous advantages. It can help lower insurance rates, safeguard your license, preserve memories of events, provide evidence of damages, and even protect you against false claims.

While the dashcam footage we often come across online may focus on vlogs, motorcycle tests, or reckless behavior, there are more compelling reasons to consider installing a camera on your bike. Instead of mere entertainment, a dashcam can serve important purposes that enhance safety and provide valuable evidence.

Unlike many crudely built motorcycle dashcams on the market, the INNOVV motorcycle dashcam overcomes common limitations. It can effectively save video footage of accidents and is capable of capturing clear images even in low-light conditions, ensuring reliable performance day and night.

How the INNOVV Dashcam Can Benefit You and Protect You in an Accident?

1# To establish liability: In the event of an accident, evidence such as photographs, witness statements, and police reports play a crucial role in determining fault. With the INNOVV motorcycle dashcam, you can rely on recorded event evidence, eliminating the worry of not having proof to support your case when an incident occurs.

2# To support insurance claims: When filing an insurance claim, it’s common for insurance companies to request evidence to support your case, including photographs of the damage or medical bills. The recorded videos from the INNOVV motorcycle dashcam can serve as crucial evidence to substantiate your claim, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome with the insurance company.

3# To defend against false claims: The evidence retained in the INNOVV motorcycle dashcam also helps prevent false claims from being made by other parties involved in the accident.

The INNOVV motorcycle dashcam will not only benefit you and protect you in an accident, it will also help you to capture your journey: We’ve all witnessed motorcyclists taking out their phones to capture photos or videos of breathtaking landscapes, which can be time-consuming and distracting. Riding a motorcycle offers incredible experiences, from scenic coastal or mountain views to encounters with local wildlife or a picturesque stretch of sidewalk. With a motorcycle dashcam, capturing these moments becomes effortless, allowing you to relish the beauty without compromising safety or wasting time and energy.

Different types of INNOVV motorcycle dashcam

Type1# INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam: 4K+1080P dual-channel motorcycle dashcam, this is suitable for motorcyclists who have relatively high requirements for video quality, and the 4K imaging effect can effectively and clearly record every moment during the riding process.

Type2#  INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam: 1080p+1080p dual-channel motorcycle dashcam, the K3’s design features a separate DVR from the lens, resulting in a smaller lens size. Additionally, the K3 boasts a GPS module and remote control, enhancing its functionality and convenience.

Type3#  INNOVV K6 dashcam:2K+1080P dual-channel motorcycle dashcam, the INNOVV K6 stands out as the smallest dual-channel motorcycle dashcam available. It offers a streamlined design without any unnecessary wiring harnesses, ensuring a simple and hassle-free installation process. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to be installed on various motorcycles or bikes of your choice.

For those seeking a motorcycle dashcam with exceptional performance and a sleek design, the INNOVV motorcycle dashcam is the ideal choice. With its comprehensive features and reliable performance, it’s a top contender in the market.

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Back in 2016, I reviewed the INNOVV K1 dashcam and really liked it with one exception, a lack of weatherproofing. Next, we tested theINNOVV K2, finding it much improved. Well, the INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam is here, and it has reached what I consider to be peak functionality as a motorcycle dashcam. Regular commuters in urban areas should consider this as an option to use to protect yourself from false claims in the case of a mishap.