INNOVV C2 is Flying on Beach (Video)


A quick flight around Guerilla Bay on the far South coast of NSW with the zmr250, This little cam can take a beating and just keeps producing nice video.

Slope Soaring a Cloud AXN at Hope Beach in southern Tasmania.

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Flying in the sky is amazing, but can be dangerous unless you are a bird, or have proper training! Bobflyman, otherwise know as Bob Moore, has been paragliding for 12 years now. He’s flown in the UK, Europe and Australia and very much enjoys his view from the sky and it’s part of his life and his hobby. But he says you must be properly trained by a good paragliding school before taking to the skies.

K2 Motorcycle Dashcam install on a 2018 Harley Ultra Limited (FLHTK)

A few words and pics of a K2 motorcycle dashcam install on my 2018 Harley Ultra Limited (FLHTK).

With pre-planning install was fairly straight forward, the only major components I had to remove were the front fairing, tank, seat and left side bag.

Don’t get too freaked out about the tank removal, it’s really not that difficult, just 6 bolts, 1 screw, a plug, drain hose and a quick release fitting … a tip, the less fuel you have in the tank the lighter it is.

Also I did partially pop the wiring chase under the tank to ensure the wires weren’t pinched when routing, it’s an easy opening, just some plastic tabs to release.