Looking for a Safer Ride? Could INNOVV Motorcycle BSD Radar Detection System be the Solution?

– Here are their answers.

Let’s take a look at some experiences shared by UK customers.

“I must admit that the radar unit has picked up the odd vehicle that I missed in my mirrors, which is a bit scary.”

“This is a really great bit of safety kit. It is reasonably easy to install (excepting on KTM 890 Adventure Rs) and works really well. I opted for the mirrors fitment because I believe that its the best choice as once a warning light goes on my eye is drawn to the relevant mirror.”

“A great product idea. Good product description, and when it arrived it was a quality product. Very easy to install and works really well. Definitely recommend this product.”

“Quality product providing an added layer of safety when human error slips in”

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So why is INNOVV Motorcycle ThirdEYE BSD Radar Detection System so effective and superior?

Let’s take a closer look at how it functions. INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System employs a millimeter-wave radar with a frequency range of 77-79 GHz. By combining the detected information with a software algorithm, the ThirdEYE can detect dynamic target vehicles from both sides of the motorcycle and the rear side, providing warnings with a visual alert and an audible warning in the dashboard.

INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System has three kinds of systems: BSD (Blind Spot Detection System), LCA (Lane Change Assistance), and RCW (Rear Collision Warning). It can help you stay safe and aware of any dangerous cars behind you, giving you enough time to take action to avoid any potential accidents.

Moreover, INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System has a 150° angle and 50 m maximum detecting range, with the ability to detect up to 64 targets. You don’t have to worry about any blind spots; it can cover almost any corner and any cars behind you. With its waterproof IP67 rating, INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System can withstand any weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. Just pick up your helmet, ride your bike, and go.

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