Why INNOVV Designed the Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

INNOVV introduced the C3, the first remote lens motorcycle dashcam, in 2014 and since then we have continued designing, developing, and marketing an evolving line of dash or action cams for motorcycles, all of which have application for virtually any powersport activity.

INNOVV C3 installation pictures
INNOVV C3 for airsoft

We have built a good reputation within the motorcycling community – professional organizations, groups, and individuals, across the world; and INNOVV is proud of this reputation. Key to such success is the fact that we listen to motorcyclists and respect their rich knowledge and solid experience.

INNOVV was founded on innovation and over the last eight years motorcyclists have encouraged us to develop a professional motorcycle helmet camera to overcome shortfalls found with other mainstream action-cam products. We have listened to and learned from these user experiences with these other products – including the industry-leading GoPro cameras.

Many of these products, no matter how mainstream, have shortfalls specific to motorcycle use and many of these shortfalls have not been addressed over time; an issue that often results in a degraded user experience and dissatisfaction over the products.

To take a specific example; we studied further and found the optimal moment for many GoPro users is in creating action video including off road exploration, adventure travelogues, or for highlighting something specific; the GoPro cameras take high quality videos and are easy to use; action and fun is what a GoPro is designed for.

But whether for daily commuting or longer-term adventures, when a long time and reliable recording is the most desired feature GoPro may not be the best and users often complain, an appreciated fact given what is an often-significant investment.

With the above observations and other findings, it was easy to create a feature list for a new action-cam product; but implementing some of the innovative design elements to address requirements is not easy.

The camera needs to have a quality look and feel, with 4K resolution, enhanced image stabilization or EIS, an uninterrupted recording time of anywhere from four hours to a day, a small profile with less wind draw & wind noise, easy mounting and use on a helmet and, with an external microphone to get the best voice recording for travelogue capture and Vlogging use.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, turning the ideas and requirements into a physical form is far easier than ever before; over last two years, many designs and samples were made and rejected as we worked to refine the best design – one that would be or be close to the that 100% solution.

Some of the sketches

Are we there yet? No, but the objective is getting closer, and we are hanging in there to the end. The features on the list have been ticked; the latest form reality and we are happy to see and hear the sight and sound of the last sample as it slides into its’ helmet camera mount; we know it is the professional helmet action-cam that motorcyclists need – stay tuned.

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