INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Dashcam System was Installed on Harley Davidson (Pictures)

INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Dashcam System was installed on Harley Davidson.

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K2 Motorcycle Dashcam install on a 2018 Harley Ultra Limited (FLHTK)

A few words and pics of a K2 motorcycle dashcam install on my 2018 Harley Ultra Limited (FLHTK).

With pre-planning install was fairly straight forward, the only major components I had to remove were the front fairing, tank, seat and left side bag.

Don’t get too freaked out about the tank removal, it’s really not that difficult, just 6 bolts, 1 screw, a plug, drain hose and a quick release fitting … a tip, the less fuel you have in the tank the lighter it is.

Also I did partially pop the wiring chase under the tank to ensure the wires weren’t pinched when routing, it’s an easy opening, just some plastic tabs to release.

INNOVV C3 Motorcycle Dashcam Installed on the R1200GS / 2011

“Just install, wire the power in, set to Loop and forget it until you need the footage.” (Voz comment) Set-up using a old radio-front box under the (GSA) seat of the R1200GS / 2011 to suit the Innovv C3 recording-unit. Installed a 12 to 5 volt (USB) converter under the tool box area and is connected from the switch power (fusebox) to the recording-unit, so it starts recording when the power is on. The cam itself is behind the windscreen to give it a bit more protection against rain and dust. I do get some reflection from the bike-screen but that doesn’t bother me for the way I use the cam 🙂