Techmoan And The INNOVV C1 Review

Thanks to Techmoan for his review, that’s the best present he could make to the C1 & C2 to people. As he mentioned in his blog.

This is a very interesting little camera with a number of clever features. The manufacturer has set-out to make the best mini 1080p camera, watch the video to see if they succeeded. 

I like his review, as do many others. Great review as usual. Interesting and informative in all regards. A pleasure to watch. 

People are no doubt say this because of his accomplished photographing skill, professional knowledge and high quality video reviews. I am surprised the 4 colors C1 can be shown as nice as below and with his pleasant voice, “The camera is pleasure to use, feeling is very comfortable in hand “. That is also a great present. It was a major goal in our design and I am proud that we achieved – See it, Touch it, Like it™

Techmoan’s reviews are popular which is why his reviews get almost 50,000 subscribers. A fantastic well put together to review, I enjoy your reviews very much. You cover great detailed information necessary to make an educated decision on a purchase. Below is a typical photo from his review while his fingers held the camera as he was testing. I was impressed how he detailed the features like motion detection, orientation sensor, and its operation with LED illumination, that it will be the live video user manual for users.

The most important thing with his reviews is they are fair and factual, which is why they are respected and trusted. He says it was a mistake to use a non-standard USB port lead and we do not supply the dash cam lead. No one is perfect, there are pros and cons, we have learned from that, and we now include the DashCam lead in the packing box for free!

No doubt because he is so well respected, the loyal fans not only subscribe his channel but also would like to offer tips.

Hi mat, thank you for all those nice videos! I think I would have never noticed those cameras if I hadn’t subbed to your channel. Is it ok for you to receive a small tip for all your good work, maybe by Paypal?

 It is pleasure to have him that brings fun and enjoy, I’d like to say as the guy is singing on one of his videos.

“Definitely, That would be… without you, without you, Techmoan!”

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